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ath and West Finance are bridging finance specialists based in the South West of England, they have exceptional experience in this marketplace, our experience and expertise date back to the early 1980’s when Martyn Smith developed and pioneered bridging finance as we all know it today.

Bridging finance like most businesses has evolved over time, but the fundamentals remain exactly the same being to make the clients project a success, to achieve their funding quickly, provide service excellence, give certainty and confidence of the funding, giving that personal touch and of course the ability to manage deadlines which have to be met!

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true

We Continuosly Seek to Be the Best

Bath and West is a business with a traditional ethos who respect and value their market place and its introducers. Bath and West are built off robust foundations and are regarded as a lender of integrity and a leading bridging company with desire for delivering on its’ promises to both brokers and clients, built on the foundations of our collective expertise.

We have a will do attitude and look for every avenue to do a transaction and have the knowledge and experience to back it up.

Meet the Team

Martyn Bath & West Finance


Martyn is a specialist in bridging finance with over 30 years experience in this sector, he has a strong reputation in the market place. His knowledge in this sector is considerable and is recognised by many as one of the innovators and pioneers of the Bridging Finance sector.

Ian Bath & West Finance


Ian previously joined forces with Martyn at Bridgingloans.com and now from it's launch at Bath and West. He has an enviable record in various sectors and during his time helped a number of businesses go through fast growth and turned them into market leaders.

Matthew Bath & West Finance


Matthew has over 20 years experience in the short term lending industry with considerable knowledge and understanding of both development lending and bridging finance alike. Matthew is a member of the board at Bath and West.

Joel Bath & West Finance


Joel is an Underwriter who will look after your application from start to finish. He’ll deliver the optimum answer to your client’s requirements.

Will Bath & West Finance


Will is an Underwriter who will oversee your application every step of the way. He’ll provide the best solution to your client’s needs.

Nick Bath & West Finance


Nick is an Underwriter who will take care of your application in every detail. He’ll offer the ideal result to your client’s necessities.

Nick Bath & West Finance


Nick is the Financial Controller at Bath and West and heads up the accounting and finance department. He covers compliance, loan management and development funding monitoring.

Matthew-M Bath & West Finance


Matt brings with him a wealth of residential construction experience and industry knowledge. He oversees the construction phases of our development loans and liaises with developers ensuring construction is going to plan, and offering developers an experienced sounding board.

Kelly Bath & West Finance


Kelly assesses the performance of our development loans and is integral to the review process, whilst also contributing towards product design and development.

Anita Bath & West Finance


Anita leads the month-end and year-end accounts production along with overseeing the day-to-day accounting and accounts payable function.

Sophie Bath & West Finance


Sophie joined us with considerable credit control experience and leads our credit control and covenant compliance function, along with day-to-day accounting and investor communications.

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